Saint-Augustine, Treatises on the Gospel of Saint John
Saint-Ouen, Rouen?, 11th century (end).

184 f. 366 x 272 mm.
Bibliothèque municipale de Rouen, ms. 467 ( A 85 )

    This manuscript is a masterpiece of Norman illumination at its apogee, containing no less than 117 decorated or historiated dropped initials, and was probably executed in Saint-Ouen in Rouen, whence it comes. Red and green highlights, which are characteristic of Norman manuscripts of the period, are used to add relief to the various elements making up the dropped initials.
The manuscript can be dated to c. 1090 by comparison with a magnificent Bible preserved in the chapter house in Durham, and would appear to have been executed in the same workshop for the bishop of Durham, Guillaume de Saint-Calais, who was exiled to Normandy between 1088 and 1091.
In folio 116, a monstrous animal features in the bulge of the P. In folio 122, the historiated dropped initial C represents Christ washing the feet of his disciples.